Grammy Awards


Best Jazz Vocal Album-The Mosaic   Project (2011)


Best Jazz Instrumental Album-Money   Jungle-Provocative in Blue (2013)


Tango Record of the Year-Solo Buenos Aires-Fernando Otero (2017)


Gold and Platinum RIAA   Certified Awards


Mortal Kombat Soundtrack (Cert.   Platinum 1996)


Howard Stern - Private Parts (Cert.   Platinum 1997)


Bloody Kisses (Cert. Gold 1995,   Cert. Platinum 2000)


October Rust (Cert. Gold 2000)


Nativity in Black - A Tribute to   Black Sabbath (Cert. Gold 2000)


After Dark DVD (Cert. Gold 2000)




Recorded Work Used On Movie   Soundtracks


Bride of Chucky ("Love You To   Death" by Type O Negative)


Freddy vs. Jason ("We Were   Electrocute" by Type O Negative)


I Know What You Did Last Summer   ("Summer Breeze" by Type O Negative)


Howard Stern - Private Parts   ("Pictures of Matchstick Men" by Ozzy Osbourne with Type O   Negative)


Mortal Kombat ("Blood and   Fire" by Type O Negative)


The Blair Witch Project   ("Haunted" by Type O Negative)


Nosferatu (Type O Negative   Compilation)


Descent 2



Recorded Work Used in Other   Media


Cosby (theme song)


Descent (video game)


Descent II - The Vertigo Series




Grand Theft Auto IV


The Darkness


NASCAR: Crank It Up